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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Deimos Rhino

Along with my copy of IA:11, I also ordered a Deimos Rhino kit. I was interested to see how the kit pieced together, and excited when I got my hands on it. The exterior sides are replaced with resin ones, as are the side doors and the front of the rhino. The turrets and hatches are also swapped out with a single bolter mounted on each. Topped off with four exhaust vents and a shiny )and pointy) dozer blade, and the kit is complete. I'm looking forward to building the kit, as it looks pretty darned cool.


  1. So does it come with a standard rhino for the remainder of the kit

  2. Finished building (and mostly painting) mine the other week. Awesome kit, and yes it comes with a plastic Rhino.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Ian Charles is correct, it mos def comes with a full Rhino kit. The FW blokes are evil, as you only use the insides of the plastic kit's sides too. I enjoyed building and painting the model, pics are forth coming as I finished painting the model over the weekend, just need to work up a blog post for it.

    2. I'd forgotten the rhino used two components to build the sides. I had thought you might luck out and be able to build nearly a whole rhino from the spares.

      Still an awesome kit either way, with plenty of bit s for the bits box.

    3. I know, I was desperately hoping to get away with some plasticard for the base and have and have a second rhino. Well, that and some after market treads - I haven't bought nearly enough predators to have the extras that would let me fill the whole space.