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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

IA:11 The Doom of Mymeara

I was gratified, when my copy of IA:11 The Doom of Mymeara finally arrived. It was nice to see the free upgrade to UPS delivery after having to wait a month to get it as well. In terms of the actually story, I think this was the most artwork intensive IA's to date. Much of the story is wrapped up in classified briefings for Inquisition eyes only, making for an interesting read. The principle players are the Eldar of craftworlds Alaitoc and Mymeara along with their corsair allies. These are pitted against the Imperium of Belatis III principally in the form of the Cadian VIth, as well as a maniple from Legio Gryphonicus and the Space Wolves of Bran Redmaw's company.

The narrative is well written, and provides quite a bit more information for Eldar and Space Wolf players; and while this looks like an Imperium victory on the surface, is it? One would have to read it for themselves to know for sure. All of the current Eldar goodies are featured in this book, as well as a Corsairs list that looks interesting, but I think I am not the Eldar fan that is needed to be qualified to properly assess it. There is a small amount of Imperial stuff as well, mostly the Crassus, Malcador Infernus and Bran Redmaw's rules. As I am planning to do a small Space Wolf force far down the line, I was happy with the purchase. Hobbysists on a budget should be careful when considering this IA, while it is good, I think it is more for the Eldar, Space Wolf and collector more than a general release or must have.

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