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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Second Salamanders Squad

I'm not a big fan of the pics this week, Only one really turned out decently bright. Which is odd, since they are all taken under the same conditions and in the same spot. Clearly I need to look into a better lighting setup than I have. The overhead lights in the room are good enough for painting, but not photography.

As I knew I needed to do, I went back and painted over the carrier film on the models that I previously painted. Then, when the last Salamanders tactical squad was done, I went back and made sure that was taken care of here as well.

The only major difference between this squad and the first one was the addition of some more bitz on the models. I also wanted the sergeant to be equipped differently, so he has a bolter and bolt pistol. However, I added a tabard to his front armor to help him stand out more.

In looking at the force as a whole, it is definitely one of the smallest 1k forces you can build. I realize Vulkan is overkill, and even the Land Raider is. However, I wanted to start a force that reflects the level of equipment the Salamanders have access to; as well as make one that represents them as a force. I know down the line I want to add a terminator squad or two, as well as some more flamer or multimelta wielding units.

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