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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mantis Warrior Chaplain

I was given this Finecast version of the Jump Pack Chaplain a while back, but it had lain forgotten in my backpack until I rediscovered it. I originally intended it to be for my Flesh Tearers, but now I think it works much better as a Mantis Warriors Chaplain.

I'm not sure what the vitriol I see one some forums is against Finecast. yes it has flash, but it is no different from a Forge World kit, and believe me, I have seen some messed up ones. Just go back and look at my second Caestus kit. Resin is, in many ways, inferior to pewter. However, its lightness and similarity to plastic makes it great for conversions. I look at it as an improvement, especially for conversions, and not something of a blight.

Much of this model is pretty predictably painted by me. Chaplains, in all black, are easy to paint after all. However, I did choose to use P3 paints, Rucksack Tan, Moldy Ochre, and Sulphuric Yellow. I then used a Micron pen to draw the chapter symbol, filling it in with paint. I think it is a good first effort, and look forward to building the army.


  1. Nice work on the chapter icon on his shoulderpad.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks, though I am not sure I have improved with practice.