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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Space Wolves Grey Hunters

This unit of Grey Hunters is the final unit in my 1000 points of Space Wolves. At this level, the squad gets split in half and a Wolf Lord joins one part. Every model has been built to have a pistol, bolter and close combat of one kind or another.
Just like the other Space Wolves, I used the same paint schemes. The big difference is that the shoulder pads were painted red as Grey Hunters. Then a single black dag was put on the left shoulder. On the right, I used the Harald Deathwolf water slide transfers to add Great Company markings.
The Grey Hunters are the last step in phase one of my Space Wolf force. Unfortunately, with newer releases, I'm more interested in other projects for the time being, so they will have to sit for a bit. However I do plan to add more wolves, Canis Wolfborn and an Iron Priest riding a wolf.
With the completion of the space Wolves force, there are only two armies left to be finished. The Iron Hands still need a venerable dreadnought and the Disciples of Caliban who most likely won't be done until the new starter set is released.


  1. Nice. They look great! I however think you need to go back and do one more layer of highlight on all the wolf models, will help make the fur pop more.

    So when are we going to meet up to try out 6th? I picked up my copy of the rules today and am currently still going through them.

    1. I will probably take your advice when i go back to add to the army. Right now I just don't have the enthusiasm for it. As for 6th, you definitely have a leg up on me as I dont even have the book yet. Was told to wait. Maybe you can teach me. I just got promoted so I will have thursdays and sundays off for the forseeable future, though I might see if I can get a hall pass to come to NoVa on wednesday nights (thats the 40k night right?).

  2. yeah though currently on games being played regularly are the 200 spaceship fights. We will see if bigger games start being played.

    Oh an congrats on the promotion!