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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ultramarines Storm Talons

The first models I ever built were airplanes. I made forays into tanks and battleships, but it was always airplanes that I loved to build as a child. The heyday of that for me was during Dessert Storm - I was in middle school then, but there were so many fighter kits available for a kid to choose from.
I have or have had most of the Forge World Imperial aircraft at one time, right now I don't have a Marauder or Aquilla Lander, but I do have the others (the Storm Eagle is waiting to be built). I also have three Valkyries, and I picked up the Dark Eldar Razorwing as well. So when i saw the Storm Talon I was definitely excited. It has a helicopter look to it that is pretty cool, and it seems to fill that role here.
After a lot of pondering, it seemed to me that the most efficient built is the Skyhammer Missile launchers paired with the assault cannon. This gives the Storm talon the highest rate of fire with the largest possibility of both anti-tank and anti-infantry roles. The only other modification I've made is a head swap on one of the pilots.


  1. Nice... 2 of them, that is going to hurt, me probably. I've been planning to get one to add to my Howling Griffons for a while, but the money hasn't been in the cards. Looking forward to seeing these in person at some point.