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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ultramarines Armored Proteus Land Raider

As a Space Marine fanatic, I've been craving both the Land Raider Proteus, and the Armored Land Raider Proteus. The armored variant being far more appealing to me, I decided to add it to my Pre Heresy Ultramarines first, though at some point I do hope o get the Proteus as well.
The assembly was pretty easy, save for the tracks. One piece of the tracks on each side fit pretty poorly and either out of a lack of skill or just laziness, it ends up not looking right. I dd choose not to add a storm bolter, however I did add three pieces of Ultramarines brass etched.
The biggest challenge with this model is keeping it from being too monotone. This is why I added the brass etched, to add a couple splashes of gold to the blue and silver of the rest of the model.

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