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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Eldar Altansar Autarch

One of my first 40k armies was Alaitoc Eldar, otherwise known as Ultramarine Eldar. For a while now (since the Eldar codex came out) I have been pondering an Altansar army. For some reason I just couldn't come up with a concept, theme or strong motivation to build the army. Luckily the new Allies rules make build an ancillary force pretty appealing.
Altansar is primarily red and black, so the main armor of the Autarch was painted with Khorne Red, Wazdakka Red and a highlight of Mephiston red. The Reaper Launcher and the Hawk wings were painted black with Abaddon Black, P3 Coal Black and Codex Grey.
The Swooping Hawk Wings were based on a night flying scheme from the Second edition Codex Eldar, and with the black in the color scheme, I thought that would be a nice way to tie in any future Swooping Hawk models.

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