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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dark vengeance Chaos Lord

The Dark Vengeance starter kit, much like the most recent Deamons wave of releases, has allowed me to breathe new interest, and life, into my Thousand Sons army. Being able to add 20 cultists, 6 Chosen and hellbrute and a Chaos Lord to a force that had one squad of Thousand Sons, a Sorcerer in Terminator armor and a Deamon Prince (who could also double in the Tzeentch themed Deamon army) was pretty meager. Enough to field the army under 5th with generic deamons and under 6th with Deamons as the main force and Chaos Space Marines as the allies. but not the ultimate vision I have for this army.
With the Dark vengeance Chaos Lord, I plan to have the terminator armored sorcerer become part of a squad of Thousand Sons terminators. Whether this is possible at the time \of me writing this blog post is unknown, as the Chaos codex won't be released for another four days. But that is my hope, otherwise I just have two HQ choices.
I stuck to the same color palette as the Hellbrute, and was quite pleased with the results. One other item I would like to remark on is how all of my models since the new GW paint line came have been based with Stirland Mud. I actually just had to replace the pot because I ran out. While I know anyone can mix paint and sand and achieve this, I love the convenience of it. I do have some Mourn Mountain Snow as well, and hopefully will be using it on my 30k army when I decide on it.


  1. What have I told you about dark pictures. He looks well painted from what I can see, but a lot of the details are obscured by shadow. Once the Halloween season is over we need to organize some themed games, I am in the process putting together the 3rd rendition of my Brother's in Pestilence Deathguard army.

    If you have the time, the Painted Dragon, that paint forum I am on is running a Painting Campaign (more details here - that I am going to be painting my Deathguard in.

    I hope everything is going well for you.

    1. I know I know... it's on my list honest. Im still trying to digest the new chaos codex and the HH:Betrayal books. Too much at once for my addled brain. Themed games sound cool, we shall have to put something together. Is Delgar coming back as the Spawnlord or have you scrapped that idea?

  2. No, well not exactly. At some point I will resurrect my Nurgle Daemons army (either as allies or a full fledged army) and Greater Spawn Daemon Delgar will make an appearance in that. The new Lord character is called Plague Lord Galvarius, Disciple of Delgar.

    Galvarius is an Ultramarine that was captured and corrupted by Delgar who served in the Brother's in Pestilence before Delgar's Spawndom. I'll send you all the fluff as I get it worked out but long story short Galvarius has Delgar (and the rest of the shattered personalities he has consumed) whispering for revenge in his head vs Typhus and The Voice.