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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thousand Sons Hellbrute

The first model I wanted to build from Dark Vengeance was the Hellbrute. All of the models in the set are so great, but they don't have the impact that the Hellbrute does. Normally, I would save the best model for last, but in this case, i actually put the most boring at the bottom of the list.
All of the Chaos models have a bit of an intimidation factor with them. They are all highly detailed, and the meld of organic and machine makes things a bit harder to decide how those organic areas are done. In the end, I decided that, rather than be fleshy areas, they would be extensions of the models armor.
The two main adjustments I made to the Thousand Sons color scheme were the additions of Naggoroth Night as the base coat and Gehenna's Gold replacing old GW Shining Gold.


  1. It's pretty dark for Thousand Sons, and looks oddly like my hellbrute lol!

  2. Pics are a bit dark, but from what I can see it looks well painted. I have 2 of these I need to paint though I may change up the gun army on one or both of them.

    1. While I will agree the pics are probably darker than I would like, I guess I would rather buy more models than upgrade my pic taking setup. That being said, the color palette is the same as my thousand sons, only difference is old vs new gw paint.