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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Not a Tourney But a Commission

So, unfortunately, my friend who I was going to play in an RTT with had an accident, fell down his stairs and was unable to stand for prolonged periods of time.  Hence, no report on my RTT games.  Instead, he was sitting on a commission to paint a Necron army that he hadn't started yet and was pretty much unable to get to any time soon.  Instead, he offered me the opportunity to complete it for him, with carte blanche on builds and paint scheme.

I had this Doomscythe from back when the Necron codex was first released, and was pondering putting it up on Ebay.  Instead, it has become the template for this Necron commission that I am now working on.  The scheme is based on the Thokt Dynasty picutre in the Necron codex, extrapolated out to an entire army.

The model started out with a base of black spray primer.  I then based all of the silver areas with Leadbelcher.  I then applied a layer od Argax Earthshade followed by a layer of Ironbreaker.  Next I painted the blue areas with successive layers of Kantor Blue, Caledor Sky, Teclis Blue and Lothern Blue.

Finally, the black is painted with Abaddon Black and a highlight of P3 Coal black.  The model was then sprayed with testors Dullcote.  For the base, paint the whole base first, this will prevent fogging on your flying stand.  I used Stirland Mud as a base coat, then Mournfang Brown followed by XV-88.  Then I sealed the base just like the model.  Once dry, I used canopy glue to glue on the flying stand.  Canopy glue bonds best when allowed to sit over night, so don't use this method if you are rushing to play in a tourney or something.

More pics to come as the commission is finished, it is fairly substantial, so expect it to take up a bit of blog time, mostly around the build choices I guess, as the paint scheme above wil be repeated throughout.

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  1. That blue on the gauss weapons really pops, and you've won a Liebster.