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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sentinels of Terra

I recently acquired Sentinels of Terra, and found it to be an interesting read.  This was the second of the supplements I have read.  I find the background information to be interesting and while it centers around the career of Lysander, still valuable. The changes to the Space Marine codex force organization are interesting, and with the new edition upcoming, will make being battle forged different, yet are still pretty minor.  That being said, it did inspire me enough to add to my lone Imperial Fist model (the limited edition one from a couple ears ago) and look at adding a small detatchment from the book.  This allied force will represent Sergeant Garadon's third company at its decimated state of roughly thirty marines after the battle of Taladorn.

The plan for these allies then, is to have two tactical squads, the one depicted here as Sergeant Garadon's first squad.  Garadon is in the middle there, and the squad also has a missile launcher and a graviton gun.  A second tactical squad, an assault squad and a devestator squad.  

I built this squad with the new tactical squad kit and wanted to try out some of the new bitz that I hadn't seen before.  For one thing, I did my best to match up the marks of armor, to create a more uniform look on each model.  I also kept the purity seals to a minimum, wanting the pieces to speak for themselves.  Then, I used a set of Finecast shoulder pads so I wouldn't have to free hand the Imperial Fist icon.

I used a bunch of layers to achieve the yellow above, started with XV-88, then Balor Brown, Golden Yellow and and edge highlight of Flash Git Yellow.  I did free hand the tactical icons and squad numbers with Abaddon Black and Ceramite White.  The only thing I might change in the future is a layer of P3 Sulfuric yellow to smooth out the colors a bit better.  Overall, I like the effect.

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