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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tourney At Last

So I finally was able to get out to Your Hobby Place (YHP) in Martinsburg WV, and play in a tourney.  Just in time I guess too, as 7th edition 40k is right around the corner.  I got play three games, one against the store ringer army (marines), one against Space Wolves and the last against Blood Angels. 

At my friend's urging, I brought out the Reaver for this tourney, mainly as he said the folks who play at YHP had never seen one.  Above is my minimal army, the tourney being 2250 Escalation.  Despite what plans I had, I never ended up using things in the manner I intended.  Telion was not to effective firing the Icarus Lascannon.  Below are the armies  at the tourney:

The pictures below are from the start of each of my games.  Each one was a lot of fun, and proved to me that with nothing to really answer a Reaver, it will win every game for you.  Money well spent?  Maybe.  AT any rate, I won every game, though each was more difficult than the last.  AT the end, I had to Laser Blaster both Dante and Mephiston to secure a win.  Sadly, that wasn't enough to win the whole shebang.  But now I know where the bonus points come in and am prepared for next time.

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