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Thursday, October 14, 2010

C S Goto's Eldar Prophecy

DON"T READ THIS BOOK! C.S. Goto's Eldar Prophecy is an abominable volume that should never have been published. One can note that it is also his last novel published by the Black Library to date, this is definitely the reason why. The novel is based in the craftworld Kaelor - from the 40k card game (if you have seen the farseer with the blood pouring out of her eyes, she is in this novel as a child) - and deals with the aftermath of a civil war. Goto goes out of his way to explain why this craftworld is archaic and antiquated, but it flies in the face of everything we have learned about the eldar and their status as a dwindling race. Also, many of the place names have a made up or disjointed feel to them, like he was trying to do for the Eldar what Dan Abnett did for the IG. Only he failed horribly.

So why did I read this novel? Readers of my blog may have noticed it sitting in my Shelfari queue for months now, really it's been sitting on my bookshelf since it came out. I read a couple of pages and just decided it wasn't worth my time. However, I would like to claim that i have read every 40k novel from the BL in print (Space Marine is the only exception, and no, Necromunda novels don't count, though I have read a few of them). So in order to feel a bit more justified in these novel reviews I do, I felt I had to read this one. On the up side, I might prevent some eager Eldar player, wanting to know more about his army, from reading something that will destroy his mind. So in conclusion, don't read this book, ever. If you want to read an Eldar novel, read Path of the Warrior. Definitely don;t read any of the other Eldar novels C S Goto has written either. If you have read Path of the Warrior, read it again. savor the Eldar goodness until the next novel in the series comes out.

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