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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hawk Lords Land Speeders

Though not quite so exotic as some Forge World pieces, I do have a pair of Hawk Lords land Speeder Typhoons done now. These have been begging to be painted since all of the Forge World goodness arrived.

These are built from the basic Land Speeder kit, a kit which I had not used since it was recut with the release of the latest Space Marine codex. So it was a new experience for me.

For those who haven't used the kit, it is light years ahead of the previous Land Speeder kit. It still has some fitting issues, mainly in the way the side pieces connect. Which can create some gap issues, but otherwise it is pretty good. The fact that it lets you make the three standard Land Speeder combinations is a great bonus as well.

I choose to build the Land Speeders for the Hawk Lords because it seems characterful for them. The only extant info about the Hawk Lords is that they are most likely a Raven Guard founding, and that they have some of the best Thunderhawk pilots in the Imperium. Often used in formations called Hawks Talons, other Space Marine chapters will often send pilots for additional training with the Hawk Lords.

I intend to build two squadrons eventually, one with an anti-tank role, the other with an anti-infantry role. In this post are the first of both of those squadrons - one with Heavy Bolter, and one with Multimelta. The only addition I made to the kit was to give all of the pilots beakie helmets.

I did some experimentation with the paint scheme for these two models, as I'm not quite sold on the way I painted the Tactical marines and Shrike. So I started with black primer, then applied a coat of Hormogaunt Purple. Next I applied a wash of Baal Red. This had a nice deepening effect on the models. I followed it up with a coat of P3 beaten Purple and an extreme highlight of P3 Murderous Magenta.

I painted the silver a bit differently too. I used a coat of Boltgun Metal, a wash of Devlan Mud, a second coat of Boltgun Metal, and then an extreme highlight of Chainmail. I think it makes those parts look a bit more worn.

That's all for now. Next time I should have a converted squad of Hawk Lords Vanguard Marines to show off. However, due to my work being extremely busy in the next two to three weeks, I will probably only be posting once a week. Time will tell.

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