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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Caestus Air Ram Part III

I finally finished the Caestus Air Ram and its base. Although, not quite what i had in mind for a base originally, in terms of detail, it does fit the rest of my Ultramarines army fairly well.

The base has a ballast mixture of fine, medium and coarse on it, as well as razorwire and some of the larger slate pieces from the GW basing kit. I waited until after the base was painted and sealed to glue on the flying stand. This was adhered with canopy glue so that the clear plastic wouldn't fog. The only real problem with canopy glue is that it has a long cure time. I allowed it to dry overnight.

Pretty much no new tricks here, all of the standard painting techniques I have used in the past for my Ultramarines have been repeated here. I did consider using water slide transfers, but it is something I'm not a big fan of doing.

You will notice I used a piece of brass etched to indicate this is the 2nd Caestus in the Ultramarines armory. Sadly, I had used all of my number 1's, so mystery solved. I do like the Forgeworld brass etched kits (they are sprinkled throughout my collection). I wish GW would make some plastic detail kits for the Ultramarines, maybe one day.

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