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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dan Abnett's Sabbat Worlds

For those waiting for another Gaunt's Ghosts novel, Dan Abnett's Sabbat Worlds is a good anthology to tide you over. For one thing, there are two Gaunt's Ghosts short stories that fit into the continuity of the series, and both are quite good. Abnett leaves the continuity question as something for the reader to guess at, so I won't spoil this, only to say that for those two stories alone, the book is worth it.

"Regicide" by Aaron Dembski-Bowden is about the final battle on Balhaut between Slaydo and Nadzybar. Told from the viewpoint of one of Slaydo's lifewards, it is a good story that makes Slaydo a more personal character than we've seen in the novels from Gaunt's viewpoint. "A Good Man" by Sandy Mitchell is a short story along the lines of the Calpurnia novels. It involves the disappearance of an Administratum clerk and his colleague's search to find him. The third story I really enjoyed was "Blueblood" by Nick Khyme. This is the story of one of the Companies of the Volpone 50th being deployed to a rear echelon base while awaiting deployment. The other short stories are also good, however, I didn't feel like they were as engaging.


  1. Nice write up. Hey how long does it usually take for books you pre-order from FW to arrive? I pre-ordered the first book of the Badab War series back in September when it first went up on pre-order but have not heard anything from FW about when/if it was shipped.

  2. Thanks, I'm finding that I walk the line between giving spoilers away and providing a decent synopsis of plot. As for the FW stuff, if you go to the FW sight, login, go to MY Account and it will tell you if the order has shipped or not, in whole or in part. For instance, I ordered my copy monday, and it shipped Tuesday, so I expect it next friday. Regular shipping takes about two weeks.

  3. Ah, cool. I guess I should be here Saturday the 9th then. Right in the middle of my trip to NY. Sigh. Oh well, next week.