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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gav Thorpe's Aenarion

Gav Thorpe's Aenarion is the first audio book for the Time of Legends series. Despite this being an audio book, and the hour to hour and a half run times that the audio books I've listened to so far have had, I feel like I expected more in terms of the time line that this story would encompass. Essentially, Aenarion is the story of why Aenarion pulls the Sword of Khaine from the altar in the shrine of Khaine. I think I was hoping that this would be a story that carried beyond that moment to when the magical vortex was cast, but it is not. At times, I thought this was a bit simplistic, and some of the vocal effects for the different characters can be a bit odd, if not irksome. On the other hand, Gav does a good job in explaining why Aenarion pulls the sword and the grief he feels at the loss of the Everqueen. If you are a High Elf fan, or even a fantasy fan, pick up this audio book. If not, I would pass on this one.


  1. This was utter rubbish , by far the worst audio book I have heard to date, the best thing about it is the cover.

    Whoever bought this , you were robbed

  2. I would have a hard time disagreeing with you in terms of the quality, though I have to say I tend to not be so inflamatory. I don't feel robbed though, as I am buying the BL stuff so I can let the few readers I have know if it's worth it. Aenarion, not so much.