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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Graham McNiell's God King

The third installment of the Sigmar trilogy is Graham McNiell's God King. This is the third major event or battle that Sigmar overcomes in his reign as Emperor. Nagash has come to plague the lands of men once more, and he wants his crown back. You know, that crown that messed with Sigmar's head in Empire. Sigmar, says "no deal" and undead conflict ensues. I found this novel hard to get into at first, whether I was coming down from reading Prospero Burns, not really in the mood for reading fantasy or just the simple fact that the pacing is somewhat slow in the beginning, being the reason. It is a good read, especially for fans of the Empire, Sigmar and fantasy in general. It has a short McNiell interview at the back for those interested, and McNiell states that he may be writing other novels on Sigmar in the future, to flesh out his history and explore the wackiness of the Empire in its fledgling state. Again, a good, entertaining read, but easily skipable if you haven't read the rest of the trilogy. I'm slowly making my way through Dead Men Walking and will post a review when i finally do. So far though, color me not impressed.


  1. I'm with you again on this one, I found it a bit flat compared to the other BL publications I have been reading.

    It's almost like he got everything cool into A Thousand Sons and had nothing left for God King, which was disappointing as I really liked the other two books in the trilogy.

    Hopefully if he does do more Sigmar he will regain his Empire mojo.

  2. I think you are right, and when you consider how often the BL writers put out a novel (at least 4 a year usually) it is probably a lot to juggle and could lead to burn out to some degree. Look at George R R Martin, the guy has oen main series he hasn't been able to finish the next book four in like four or five years.