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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sevrin Loth and Honor Guard

It's been a good couple of days since I posted about the Sevrin Loth kit. In that time I've been busy with a lot of things, my daughter was baptised, Thanksgiving passed, and a whole lot of other stuff got done (mainly reading in my spare time). But I also did some chipping away at the honor guard to get them ready for priming.

I built Sevrin Loth first, his was the easiest build, and only required me to remove the Red Scorpions insignia from his shoulder pad and replace it with an Ultramarine symbol from the Ultramarines Brass Etched sheet. I chose an Ultramarines symbol inside a circle for this shoulder pad, as it seemed to fill the space best.

For the honor guard, I used the Sevrin Loth kit (and the command squad sprue it comes with), an Ultramarines brass etched sheet, bitz from the Sanguinary Guard sprues, and the character upgrade set from Forge World for the bionic legs and the power sword. This let me build seven honor guard instead of the four that Forge World shows on their site. Where I could, I removed Red Scorpions insignia, and for a pair of the shoulder pads, I removed the Inquisition symbols from two Death Watch shoulder pads.

I then used two part epoxy (stuff that's the same as green stuff, though for obvious color differences it's grey stuff) to fill in the inset blood drops on some of the power weapons. I then rolled out some blobs to make cloaks. These are pretty rudimentary, I made rectangles and then cut out the space needed to fit around the join for the backpacks. Then I smoothed out the putty at the top to attach the cloaks. Finally using two sculpting tools, I pushed and rolled the putty to create motion in the cloaks. Finally (although it was actually the first thing I did), the bases all have chaos bitz to give a combat theme to the models.


  1. Hello, I surf on your blog since a same time, and I find the work very incredible, the Ultramarine's fluff is represented and the space marine's company beautiful painting work !

    Very Nice job ;) see you later...

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  2. Thanks for the great compliments.