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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Honor Guard part 2

The last week or so I have been slowly chipping away at my honor guard figs. Here are the two that are reasonably finished. First off is, what is my favorite of them, the fig who looks similar to the marine on the cover of the 4th ed SM codex.

The main thing I did differently for these models is to add a wash of Asurmen Blue, and a second coat of Ultramarines blue to add a bit more depth to the models.

The only detail I might add in is either a water slide decal or some freehand to include the Word Bearers heraldry on the chaos shoulder pad. Not sure if I feel up to that yet, but if I do it, i will add a pic in a future post.

I used P3 Trollblood Highlight, a wash of Thraka Green and then a highlight of P3 Cryx Base Highlight with a final small wash of Baal Red to add some goriness to the twin mutant heads.

I kept the cloaks dark, with coats of Scab Red, Red Gore and an extreme highlight of Blood Red.

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