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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Work in Progress Executioners

Here is a first look at my Executioners. Sadly I don't have the second Badab War IA book yet, so I haven't seen a solid pic of what they now look like. However, going by older pics I do know they used the studded shoulder pad, so all of the models have that, as well as the hose chest plate. I wanted to make all of the models ready for close combat, as they were a chapter with a brutal close combat reputation during the Badab War, so every model but the sergeant has a combat knife modelled on him in some way. I have to admit, I do like how the knife looks on the bolter, I wasn't so sure of it. Brings back memories of when I first started in Warhammer 40,000 back in '93 or so.

I used resin cast bases throughout the squad to represent a space ship's interior, as this army is intended for a boarding action campaign. I also used a combat squad boxed set for the stationary legs, and an assault marine boxed set for the running legs - to show how the squad would split for its two different roles during a game. The only other detail, is that I intend to have all the squad sergeants carry power axes, any special weapons to be meltaguns, and any heavy weapons to be plasma cannons.

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