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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ultramarine's Predator Destructor

Today, I have my interpretation of Sergeant Chronos' personal Predator Destructor. I wanted this model to reflect a couple of things. The first is a level of ornamentation commensurate with Chronos' standing amongst the Ultramarines.

That is why the model has a number of brass etched pieces used throughout (plus followers of this blog know my preference for brass etched over water slide transfers or hand sculpting). I also added the antennae on the turret - this bit was taken from the bastion sprue, where it is part of communications array.

I also used a few purity seals taken from various places to add a degree of reverence to the model. Some are from the Forgeworld Purity Seal pack, and some are from the Baal Predator kit. I also used the Heavy Bolter sponsons from the Baal Predator kit, as well as the front plate to make the model unique in the ultramarines rhino and give the sponsons strength that the current kit doesn't offer.

The last time I participated in a local painting contest, one of the judges asked me if I had painted the interior of a predator, to which I replied, 'Why bother, it isn't modelled correctly." I felt like I should try something here that would reflect the character of Chronos as a battle field mechanic who keeps his tanks going long after they should have broken down.

Sadly, some of the pieces I wanted to put into the interior were a bit to big, but I managed to pull something off here I think. I took one of the side plates from a land raider and trimmed it down and did some filing to make it fit into the rhino, thus giving Chronos an array of tools to choose from if need be.

I also added a fuel can from the Razorback sprue and a chest or tool box for some added repair equipment. My reasoning here being that all of the heavy bolter ammo would be on the sponsons already, as there is no external to internal links for ammo feeding. As for the turret, that ammo would be stored in a housing up there I suppose.

Finally, I wanted to be able to use the model with or without Chronos. This is why the cupola with the storm bolter can detach. Sadly, I realized upon building the model that I put Chronos in a cupola with no storm bolter, no doubt to offset his cost and make the model easier to paint.


  1. looking good and some good conversion add ons. I especially like the tools from the Landraider added in and the use of the Baal Pred Parts.

  2. Thanks. I can't tell you what kind of pain it was to trim that land raider section down either. My only regret is that some of the things I wanted to add in were far to large. Then again might have made the interior too busy. At some point I'm going to kit bash a land speeder and do a detailed pilot area too.

  3. Did you magnetize or otherwise pin the antenna? I wonder how that will hold up to being transported...

  4. The anttena is glued to the turret. If past experience proves right, I will have to be very careful transporting the model. Sadly or luckily, I don't play too often, so who knows when it will see a table top. I do think it should be ok though as the turret is seperate and I can make sure it is adequately protected.