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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ultramarines the Movie

WHile I may be late to this party, I just got my copy of Ultramarines on saturday. I decided to watch it right away, and probably need to watch it a second time to take it all in. However I did like it, for a first movie it is pretty good. For those of you who may listen to the Gamer's Lounge, you may be familiar with the negative review they gave the movie. In that vein, I can say I agreed with Jay on the company banner, it was like a plastic placard more than a cloth banner. Every other piece of cloth would wave in the wind, or from movement - even the purity seals on the banner, but that banner just hung perfectly straight. The other element I wasn't such a fan of was the animation for the Thunderhawk, for some reason, I thought it could have been done better, but it seemed like a computer game animation (and not a cinematic one at that). WHile there was a bit of walking in the buidl up, I don't think it was as never ending as the GAmer's Lounge made out either.

I will say i haven't read the comic yet, so I'm not sure how that would impact my viewing of it. As an Ultramarine fanatic, the fluff elements that were changed are irksome, but I can get past that as interpretation switching from a table top game to a movie. Though mayabe McNiell should have help Abnett write the script.

I really like the detailing of the power armour, it gave me some inspiration for making some new Ultramarines - though I'm not sure if I even need to do that (I mean I don't think I need any more Ultramarine's infantry). The opening scene with the Imperial Fists in the shrine was cool, and the end certainly was as well. Overall, I thought it was a good first effort, and I hope they do more.

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