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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ultramarines Predator Part 2

I finally finished the Ultramarines predator from a couple posts ago. It was intended as a ride for Chronos, so I chose to show off my Chronos at the same time.

I chose not to do any weathering for now, as I wanted to depict the tank before Chronos has made any emergency repairs.

I used my standard palette to paint the tank.

The predator still needs to be named and a bit of script for the purity seals.

Here is the predator with its storm bolter cupola.

I chose to paint the interior silver, with layers of Boltgun, Devlan Mud and Chainmail.

The screens are painted black with Scorpion Green used for writing on them.

The lights are red and yellow, and the computer keys grey.


  1. Nice effort mate - I am a big fan of Predators - I think they suit loads of roles and a re good value for their points

    The paint looks the job too.

    You're setting a cracking pace.

    Keep at it mate.