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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Astorath Completed

When I finally got around to painting Astorath, I stuck to my basic painting schemes. However, I did go out and get a new Windsor Newton Spectre Gold II 101 fine paint brush in order to get a nice, clean effect. When I paint, I pretty much stick to three brushes for my work, a large brush, for basing; a standard brush for doing the large armor areas and washes, and a fine detail brush for everything else. Consequently, I usually end up going through brushes on a monthly basis - and even then, the standard brush slowly becomes a fine brush as it loses bristles.

The new GW paint pots and I don't get along too well, so I have been slowly switching back to P3 as I can. For the red, I did layers of P3 Sanguine Base, Sanguine Highlight, Khador Base and a extreme highlight of Khador Highlight. I did base coats of Boltgun Metal, Dwarven Bronze and P3 Hammerfel Khaki. I then gave them a coat of Devlan Mud wash. Then I did layers of Chainmail, Menoth Basecoat and Shining Gold, with an extreme highlight of Burnished Gold.

To get the face on Astorath, I did a base coat of Tallarn Flesh, with an ink wash of Devlan Mud. Then I used P3 Khardic Flesh, I painted in dots of Morrow White for the eyes, and then added layers of Midland Flesh and Ryn Flesh to get a pale skin color with some depth. Last, I used my Micron Pen to dot the eyes and give them pupils.

Finally, I painted the wings with Chaos Black, P3 Coal Black and an extreme highlight of Codex Grey.


  1. Excellent man, great looking model.

  2. Thanks, I had been coveting Astorath for a while, just hadn't gotten around to it. Glad I waited for him to be my first Fine Cast model.