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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chris Wraight's Battle of the Fang

One of the oldest 40k stories, the Battle of the Fang is now a novel by Chris Wraight. This novel is both an embellishment and retelling of the Battle of the Fang. Building upon both A Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns, Battle of the Fang picks up those threads and moves forward a thousand years after the Heresy. Fooled into invading the planet Gangava in a vein attempt to slay Magnus the Red, Great Wolf Ironhelm is pulled way out of position as the largest Thousand Sons battle force since the Great Crusade invades Fenris bent on destroying the Fang the way Tizca was laid waste. Wraight does a great job of weaving in the new material Abnett and McNiell have created for these two legions (one become chapter) and does a great job depicting both the characters and the action.

I think I've said before, that the measure of a 40k novel is how well it excites the imagination. For me, this usually revolves around the inspiration to build armies. This novel has actually inspired me to build three. Well, maybe not since one is an in progress force that has been slowly been developing over the course of this blog. I've already got a work in progress Thousand Sons army that I mean to go keep working on slowly. I've also been wanting to do a Blood Ravens army, small like the other space marine crusade forces I've been doing that are between 1k and 2k. Finally, I have been on the fence about a Space Wolf army for a long time. But I think I might finally add it into the cue. The only question is when (and where will I put it).

In conclusion, go buy this book. Read it, love it, maybe even hate it, but definitely pick it up.

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