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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black Consuls Command Squad

One of the specialists most valued in a doomed chapter would be the apothecary. Only through careful cultivation of geneseed and selective recruitment would a chapter be able to replenish its ranks, especially if they were decimated to the point the Black Consuls were. A command squad would then become the bodyguard for the apothecary, more than the body guard for a captain.

One thing I tried to convey with these models was a sense of age. Beyond being old campaigners, these were marines who had been put out to pasture in one form or another. Whether through extensive bionic replacement, or just plain being too old, they were side lined by the Black Consuls. Now they are the ones responsible for ensuring their chapter has a future.

I also wanted to create a sense of memory for these marines. Ghoddeth Hive was a colossal tragedy for the Black Consuls. One which they can never forgive or forget. To that end, I chose a limited number of letters for their purity seals. Where normally I would use G or H for glory or honor, V for vengeance is more prominent. Even being spelled out on the champion's shield.

The apothecary is probably the simplest of builds in the squad. The model is mostly stock, however I used more of the medical or containment bitz to indicate someone who is ready to acquire more than the average amount of geneseed.

The standard bearer is my least favorite of these models. For one thing, I had to improvise a standard pole by using one of the warding staves from the Grey Knights. Then the Black Consul's chapter badge and scroll work looks okay. However I'm not sure how I could make it look better, I think that might be just beyond my current skill level.

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