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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Darius Hinks' Sigvald

I started reading Darius Hinks' Sigvald over a week ago, right after I finished Atlas Infernal. I feel a bit guilty, as soon after I started it, my new Kindle arrived, and I dove into reading Conviction, by Aaron Allston (the latest Star Wars novel). Now, I must say, I don't feel that guilty, as at this point I'm about halfway through Sigvlad. I intend to finish it, however I feel quite bored by the novel. There are two story lines, one surrounding Sigvald and a baron from the Empire who wishes to make the Empire stronger and searches the chaos wastes for aid. The other, a tribe of Norsii who have fallen on hard times and seem cursed. In truth, while the novel is decently written, it lacks that certain something to draw you in and make you want to turn the page. While, it seems to have good reviews offered up by the Black Library. It just doesn't work for me. Perhaps that will change as I read on, but personally, a novel needs to grab you from the start to be good, and this one doesn't.

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