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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grey Knights Purifiers

My initial purchases for my Grey Knight's army were pretty straight forward. I bought all of the kits released. I then added a second Interceptor squad because I like the concept of the personal teleporters. Having gotten that far, and being short one troop choice, a GW employee suggested I take a squad of Purifiers since I already had Crowe. On reflection this seemed like a good idea, and eventually I plan to bring the squad to ten marines, and add a dreadnought so they can all ride in a Storm Raven.

To distinguish the Purifiers from the Interceptors a little more, I went all out with the purity seals, and used everyone that came on the sprues. I also kept to the theme of fighting Nurgle demons, and gave the justicar the plaguebearer head impaled on the sword bit.

In painting the Purifiers, I kept to the same pallet as I used on Crowe. All of them have white shoulder pads and helmets, using P3 Menoth Highlight and Morrow White. I'm not sure how apparent it is in the pictures, but all of my Grey Knights have received Arthurian names. For the Purifiers, I used the names of the most prominent Grail Knights to show their purity and devotion within the naming convention I chose.


  1. Nice work, I like the white, I've not seen GK's done like this before. Keep it up :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback, next up for the Grey Knights is a venerable dread.