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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blood Ravens Librarian

The first librarian I decided to work on was the Blood Raven Librarian with the storm shield. I wanted to see how the blood raven insignias that I sculpted came out. Plus I thought it fitting that the first Blood Raven I painted would be a librarian.

For the paint scheme, I stuck with Regal Blue, Ultramarine Blue, a 50:50 mix of Ultramarine Blue and Ice Blue, and then an extreme highlight of Ice Blue as the main colors. I also used this layering for the purity seal wax. For the red, I used P3 Sanguine Base, then Sanguine highlight, with an extreme highlight of Khador Base. I chose to make the eyes green, and used Snot Green, Goblin Green and a dot of Scorpion Green.

I chose to stick with a muddy basing scheme, using Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown and Snakebite Leather as the colors. This is painted over a mixture of varius coarseness of ballast.

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