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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Two Librarians

For the last two Librarians, I had already decided one would be a Blood Raven. The second took me a while to settle on, but in the end I went with an Executioner. In the end, it was because I like the Executioners so much as an army that i made that choice.

I continued to stick with the codex color scheme for the last two Librarians, painting their armor predominantly blue using my Ultramarines color scheme. The Blood Raven already had the chapter insignia sculpted onto the pad, so I just had to free hand a blood drop on it to finish the insignia. For the Executioner, I outlined it with a Micron Pen, and then filled it in the P3 paints as I have been doing for red.

I've kept the paint schemes pretty much the way I have been doing things, but I have been using new brushes. AC Moore had some on clearance a couple weeks ago, and I was able to get a fine point brush and a flat brush that's in between a tank brush and a base coat brush, but has a nice flat edge to it. For $1 each they've worked out quite well so far.

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