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Monday, November 14, 2011

The New Necron Codex

I've had the new Necron Codex since it was released last week. I was highly disappointed that the October was just a sneak peak and not the actual release, so I spent the next week just wondering if I should by the thing. After all, I still don;t own the Dark Eldar Codex. In the end I picked it up, the fluff changes that were teased on the web were enough for me to buy it. I was never a big adherent to the original fluff, and I feel like this new retcon/fluff advancement is a much better fit for the army. It fleshes out the changes that Fall of Damnos showed us, and makes the Necrons both a more powerful, but more flawed race as well. What I liked about the codex was the more egyptian theme coupled with the idea of levels of intellect throughout the Necron hierarchy. I also like the downgrading of the C'tan from all powerful beings, to fragmented beings who have unique perspectives, making themselves the only limits they have - well that and the fact that most of the shards are imprisoned by the Necrons. I also liked the addition of yet another flyer to the army, though I'm sure I will have to wait for the second wave to see a model. What i didn't like about the book's fluff is the unending parade of Necron victories, even the Space Marines dex has them losing in some of their battles - Damnos and the World Engine for one. Overall, it is a good codex - in terms of fluff - and worth picking up. I'm sure the army is good too, but having hardly ever played in the last year, I'll leave that for others to talk about.

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