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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blood Ravens Vindicator

My second attempt at a Blood Ravens model is a vindicator tank. One thing that makes it a bit difficult to paint, is the lack of the dozer blade. Why, well now everything is open to be seen, and for some reason, the turret for the demolisher cannon isn't sitting right, or at least not how I imagined it should from memory.

I mainly used P3 colors for this model, painting a layer of Sanguine Base, then two layers of Sanguine highlight, and a extreme highlight of Khador base. This gave the tank a nice dark red color that I wanted. For the silver, I did layers of GW Boltgun Metal, Devlan Mud and Chainmail. For the bone, I did layers of P3 Hammerfell Khaki, GW Devlan Mud and P3 Menoth White Base.

Finally, I used a Micron Pen to draw the Blood Ravens insignia on the tank. While I usually do this to create a rough approximation on the model, I wasn't really happy with the initial efforts. I then used GW Chaos Black to paint the ravens, filling in any attempt at feathers as they looked to sloppy. I used the same red colors as above for the blood drop, bu the final main color was a coat of Khador Base, with a dot of Khador Highlight in the center. Overall, I'm happy with the model, though I am more seriously considering picking up the Blood Ravens transfers from Forge World. I'll have to wait and see, as I do have a tactical squad and a Scout Squad waiting to be built and painted.

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