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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blood Ravens Assault Squad

My next Blood Ravens project was an assault squad. I wanted to use a pair of bitz from the Death Company boxed set for another project, so I used that as the base for this squad. For the most part I did some filing and xacto excising in order to remove overly blatant Blood Angels symbology. For items that were pretty innocuous but looked cool, I just kept them.

I kept the add on bitz to a minimum, using the odd purity seal to hide blank spots where necessary. I also used one of the chest plates with the skull from the Tactical boxed set for one model, removing the skull for a nice, flat surface. I used my normal mixed coarseness ballast for basing.

The painting was done with the same colors as the scouts. I feel like I made a good bit of progress on the Blood Ravens symbols, and there are one or two of the shoulder pads that I am actually pretty proud of. They are still decent table top quality.

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