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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Disciples of Caliban Librarian

This model is a great example of re purposing a model. For a while, I had the mangled remains of a Deathwatch Librarian sitting on my painting desk. A drought of models while I am on vacation left me scraping the bottom for projects. So I dusted the model off, literally, and then added a backpack and bolt pistol arm with a plain shoulder pad.

Then I gave the model a coat of Chaos Black to prime it and retouch a lot of the chipped areas. Next, I painted the blue areas with Regal Blue, Ultramarines Blue, a 50:50 mix of Ultramarines Blue and Ice Blue and an extreme highlight of Ice Blue. A wash of Devlan Mud was applied to the silver and bone areas, and then I painted a coat of Chainmail on the silver, and a coat of P3 Menoth Base on the bone areas. The loin cloth got coats of P3 Sulfuric Yellow, Golden Yellow and Sunburst yellow. Finally the shoulder pads got a coat of Gnarloc Green and then Dark Angels Green.

I shaved the green flock turf off of the base, and then add ballast. I coated the base in Chaos Black, then layers of Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown and Snakebite Leather. Finally, I used a Micron pen to free hand the Disciples of Caliban symbol. Then used P3 Morrow White to paint the symbol. I cleaned it up with Dark Angels Green and finished up the model.

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