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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chapterhouse Minatures Javelin Imperial Jetbike

I decided to order the Javelin from Chapterhouse on the chance that the model was good enough that i could add a jetbike squad to my preheresy Ultramarines army. I wasn't really sure about the quality of it, the size or the look, but I figured the price was worth the chance. My first Impressions of the Javelin Imperial Jetbike were pretty good. It is an intricately detailed model, on par with something Forge World could put out. It has two sprues and the main body, which look to assemble pretty easily. The clear flying stand that comes with it looks like it will require modification to fit on the model though. In the end, it looks like I will be adding at least two more, and probably picking up a Pilum when it is released as well.

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