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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Mantis Warriors Tactical Squad

When I was considering options for the Mantis Warriors thousand points, I was originally keen to have full tactical squads. However, I wanted to have more jump troops than infantry or vehicles, so the initial build got curtailed a bit. To save on points, I opted to build two tactical squads of five marines each, armed only with bolters.

Bitz from both Tactical squad and Death Company boxed sets were used to build the marines. I used bolter arms with a strap to denote the sergeant. Otherwise the models were kept to simple adornment, with only grenades and a pouch for each model.

I stuck to the same painting scheme as the previous Mantis Warrior models, and while I have noticed some improvement in the quality of the chapter symbol, it hasn't been as consistent as I would like.


  1. Nice work. I like the yellow/tan shoulderpads against the green armour. The colors go well to gether.

    And I'm with you when it comes to embellishing squads, I keep it simple too.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Great blog. Was wandering if you'd be interested in joining the Badab Veterans? (here is a link Have a read and if interested let me know.