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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mantis Warriors Captain

I probably have not mentioned it, but this Mantis Warrior's army is inspired by HuronBH's (of Blood & Blades blog) Howling Griffons army. The main thing I'm pulling is Ko'sarro Khan in a Razorback with a command squad. We saw the command squad last time, and this week is Khan's turn.

While I do want to buy the actual Khan model at some point, I was feeling kind of cheap when I decided to build this army (after all, the Command Squad boxed set comes with six pairs of legs). To that end, I decided to scratch build Khan (this way he can also double as a Captain of Chapter Master). I started out with the above mentioned extra pair of legs and built the model up from there.

Khan's legs and torso are standard, with the torso being the hose chest plate. I then added the arms and nemesis force sword from the Grey Knights squad box, shaving away the storm bolter. I repaired the gaps with green stuff and the double purity seals. The back pack and head are from the Death Company boxed set with the blood drops filed down to be more like jewels. Next I added the tabard with the purity seals to the front, then I finished the model by sculpting the cloak. I did that in three sessions, adding strips to give it a bit more flow.

I think the cloak is a bit more dynamic than my previous cloak sculpting attempts. It definitely an improvement, but I still have much to learn on that front. On the other hand, the lighter green has grown on me and I'm looking forward to finishing this project.

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