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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Iron Hands Iron Father

The decision to use a Master of the Forge as the Iron Hands HQ choice was a no brainer for me. Mainly for the multiple dreadnoughts at higher point levels. Not wanting to use a Finecast Techmarine out of the box, I decided to kit bash one.

 The legs are from a standard Tactical marine kit, as is the back torso. The front chest piece is from a vehicle accessory sprue, and the head from one of the Blood Angels vehicle accessory sprue kit. The arms and Thunder Hammer are from the Death Company boxed set.

 Finally, I ordered the Conversion Beamer upgrade kit from Chapterhouse Studios. One nice thing about that kit, is that it also comes with a servo arm as well, which will come in handy down the line on another project. The detail is nice and the price is a great value, I would recommend it to anyone on a budget who doesn't want to order the Forge World model.

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