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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second Iron hands Tactical Squad

When i went to build this second Iron Hands Tactical Squad, I found myself running low on bionic bitz for this army. I made do with a few bionic heads, but I wish I could have added more. Of course a week after I'm done painting them, GW releases the Iron hands upgrade kit in Finecast - something to keep in mind for the future if I decide to expand this army.
This is a pretty simple army, however the free handed clan symbol and chapter symbol are the part that give me fits. I used a .005 Micron pen for these, and then painted the white. Once that was done I used the black to cut in and clean it up. Finishing it off with white touch up.
The painting is pretty straight forward, prime black. Next paint the silver with a layer of Boltgun metal, and the bone with a layer of Zandri Dust. Then give them a wash of Argax Earhshade. Finish the silver with Chainmail, and add layers of Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull. The White is a layer of Ceramite White and then White Scar. Finally paint the black Abaddon Black.

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