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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ultramarines Deimos Patter Predator

The Deimos Pattern Predator that Forge World makes is a pretty cool model. As soon as I saw it I knew I needed to have at least one. Good for Forge World, not so much for my wallet. A little more patience would have seen me probably picking up the Exterminator variant over the classic re-imagining, but then again, Christmas is coming.
The model is a fairly easy build, however I made one mistake. The mantlets that go in front of the sponson weapons require that you place the weapons - in this case the Lascannons - in a certain way. This fact I completely ignored until it was time to add those mantlet pieces. Luckily, I was able to disassemble the pieces in order to build them correctly.
This model was my first foray at using the new GW paints for painting Ultramarine models. I started with a base coat of old Macragge Blue. Then I added layers of Altdorf Guard Blue and Calgar Blue. While the highlighting is a bit more subtle this way, I like it. Especially since there isn't as much a need for an extreme highlight. The rest of the colors for this model were painted with the same layers that I normally use.
This model was a lot of fun to build, and with the lessons learned, I'm looking forward to picking up the exterminator variant down the line.

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