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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Space Wolf Scouts

For my Space Wolf Scouts, I wanted to use mingle the bitz from the Land Speeder Storm I had built earlier with the bitz on the Grey Hunters sprues. In order to use the scouts from the Land Speeder Storm, I had to use Chaos bitz so that they were all standing on pieces, or sitting on them, to make the poses look natural. A little bit of ballast finishes off the bases to hide some of the gaps and help the textured bases match the rest of the army.
I have a lot of memories of Space Wolf Scouts from past games. They have always been behind the lines spoilers - destroying vehicles and tying up units that were needed elsewhere. To that end, I made sure to have a meltagun in the squad, as well as a power weapon for close combat situations. I then painted them with the same pallet as the rest of the army.
The last element of these models are the water slide transfers. I ordered a single sheet of the Harald Deathwolf transfers for this army. I used the small, scout sized company symbols and wolf paws to denote Great Company and squad. These transfers work pretty well, the only down side is that unlike other Games Workshop transfer sheets, where the whole sheet isn't carrier film, this sheet has it across the entirety. It made cutting the decals close as close as possible a necessity.

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