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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Butchers Nails

For a long time I put off picking up Butchers Nails. Not for any particular reason, I just waffle a lot on the format in which I am picking up the Black Library product lately. This audio drama opens with Lorgar and Angron on a mission for Horus, yet for some reason they are about to go to war against each other. Angron has been pushing Lorgar by using excessive force against Imperium worlds they have passed on their way to the Ultima Segmentum. The focus is mainly on Angron, and the butchers nails in the back of his skull. These are the psycho surgical augmentations that increase the rage in the World Eaters and drive them into a berserker fury. In Lorgar's mind, they are killing Angron, but nothing can be done about it. This was a good audio drama, with good peaks at both Primarchs, and some hints as to how aspects of the Horus Heresy story arch is advancing. It is not a must buy, but it is pretty good.

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