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Sunday, September 30, 2012

MKIV Death Spectres Apothecary

I debated a while about what to do with the MKIV Apothecary. Perhaps now, knowing about the Forge World Horus Heresy products coming out I would have changed my mind, but in the end I decided to do a small Death Spectres army. Especially after the conversion of the Sicarius model I did.
The apothecary was built with the Forge World kit, but I ended up using a resin base because I didn't notice the Forge World piece for the apothecary to stand on. Otherwise, the model is straight forwardly built.
I painted the model using the new GW paints, with layers of Ceramite White and White Scar for the main body. The metal was a layer of Leadbelcher, a wash of Argax Earthshade and then a layer of the old Chainmail. The bone was done with Zandri Dust, Argax Earthshade, Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull. The red is Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Troll Slayer Orange. After all of the painting was done, I used Testors Dullcote to seal the model, then Applied a Death Spectre's water seal transfer. To apply the transfer, I applied a coat of Decal Set, applied the transfer and then a second coat of Decal Set. Once it was dry, I sealed the model again with Dullcote.

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