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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shadows of Treachery

Shadows of Treachery is the latest Horus Heresy short story anthology from the Black Library. Fans should know that three of the stories within are reprinted from other media. First off, the limited edition stories of "The Lightning Tower" and "The Dark King" are brought back for mass dissemination. For detractors of the audio dramas, you can be happy to know that "Raven's Flight" has been transcribed into short story print form. I have had a signed copy of the limited edition stories since they came out back when Games Workshop still had Games Day in the US in Baltimore, MD. I also enjoy listening to the audio books while I paint, so I was able to skip these three stories. That left "The Crimson Fist," which is the recounting of what occurs to the Imperial Fist expedtion to Istvaan when it becomes becalmed in the warp and stranded in the Phall system. Also, "The Prince of Crows" is a novella picking up for the Night Lords after the battle between Lion el'Johnson and Konrad Kurze on Tsugualsa. Just for the new fiction alone the book is worth it. The Horus Heresy series continues to entertain me, with moments of awesomeness scattered amidst the general coolness of it all.

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