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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Captain Agemman

Besides showing off current models I've finished working on, and discussing new books I've just read, I would also like to show off my vast Ultramarines army. Readers of Huronbh's blog may know I own almost the entire Ultramarines chapter, only a couple of vehicles to go really. From time to time I am going to show it off as well. As you can see from my new avatar picture, the first pic is of a lone terminator. This is my conversion of Captain Agemman of the Ultramarines 1st company. It's based off of a Blood Angels Captain in terminator armor that Huronbh made. It's definitely one of my current favorites, though it does lack some of the details I originally envisioned. But that is what retinues are for.

The model was assembled pulling bitz from various places. The head is the alternate for Sicarius, the combi plasmagun is an option from the librarian in terminator armor, the banner is from one of the metal space marine veterans, his legs, upper torso front piece and power fist are from the terminator boxed set, the back of his terminator armor and cloak are from the chaos lord in terminator boxed set, the shoulder pads are dreadnought leg armor, and finally, there are a couple of brass etched Ultramarine pieces from the Forgeworld brass etched sheet.

Possibly be another post tommorrow, depends on how my birthday goes.

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