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Monday, February 15, 2010

Ultramarines 2nd Company

For my birthday, I took the time to take some pics of my 2nd Company. I'm going to try to photograph a company a month, so I can both show the models off as well as look at areas that can be improved.

One of the first things I've realized is how dated the landspeeders look in comparison to the rest of the army. For one thing, the speeders are from my original 2nd Company, and have been held over. The yellow is too bright and needs to be brought back down to the golden yellow of the rest of the company. Also the blue needs the right highlighting and shading, same for the skin tones of the

Below is a nice slide show of the pictures of the rest of the army. Four of the tactical squads were taken from Assault on Black Reach, with some minor conversions for varieties sake. The other squads are built from tactical, devastator and assault squads.

Looking at these pics, I'm sure the dreadnoughts could use some touching up as well. Hope you all enjoy.


  1. Wow, I love this! Well done. I hope to have a similar collection soon.

  2. Thanks, I see my armies as a work in progress, and while i occassionally drift away, I always come back to the ultramarines.