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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skyshield Landing Platform

Today I finally finished my Christmas present from my wife. A Skyshield Landing Platform for 40k. I've had this model in a somewhat finished state for about three weeks now, but between working late at night and Call of Duty there just hasn't seemed like enough time. Not to mention a general malaise about delving into our basement. Three days couped up in your house by 24+ inches of snow, with only snow shoveling for a break changes your mind though. Below is the finished product:

It looks pretty cool to me, I used a liberal coat of Gryphonne Sepia to add a rusted look to the model. Some streaking of boltgun metal add to the effect, though the under side doesn't have as much. This was an interesting model to build, and a nice break from all of the space marine kits I usually make. I intend to take some pics of my painting table next, to show off what kits I am working on next. Though which will get done next is anyone's guess.


  1. From what I can see of it, it looks good. Though I want to see it up close.

    The yellow on the eagles looks too clean. Everything else is chipped and rusted but the yellow is clean, maybe add some scorch marks/chipping?

  2. You have to see it up close, it definately has weathering, the pic just doesnt show it.