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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rynns World

Rynn's World is the first in a new series of books from the Black Library. This novel details the legendary battle of Rynn's World when it was invaded by orks. One of the most interesting aspects of the novel is the contrast between Pedro Kantor and Alessio Cortez. Kantor represents the view of those space marines who look upon the citizenry of the Imperium as their charges, to be protected and as the reason for the existence of the space marines. Cortez represents the space marine who looks at humanity and sees weakness, often undeserving of his aid. Another aspect of this book is the general sense of complacency that pervades Rynn's World and the Crimson Fists. Their lack of preparedness and belief in the invulnerability of the Crimson Fists is what allows a single fluke to almost completely destroy a world. I found this to be an enjoyable read, and one that any Warhammer 40000 fan should read.

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